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About Us

The centre has been setup by the university as per accommodation of board of university teaching dated 10th march 2016 and approval of the university syndicate resolution no. 25 dated 15th march 2015. Prof. N. M. Khandelwal has been appointed as senior research fellow cum director wide office order dated 18th October 2016.

Since mid-sixties of the twentieth century India has imported western management from the U.S.A. The rich cultural heritage of our rishis and munis available in shruti, smrits, history (epics) has remained untapped. Our present management education, training and research is mainly based on western management sources. Now after global economic crisis, utility of western management based on materialistic values is being strongly questioned in U.S.A itself. The word is in dire need of alternative model of management based on harmonized and integrated material, human and spiritual values. Knowledge and rationality based decisions are to be replaced by wisdom based holistic decisions which result in steady and sustainable growth with peace and happiness. The proposed centre will fulfill its need.









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